Make Your Own Volcano

Whether for a science fair or for an earth science class, the school project all kids look forward to is to make their own volcano. I remember having a tall stratovolcano in mind, and being horribly embarrassed by my flat-as-a-pancake shield volcano. My volcano was all the more wretched by the fact that red molten lava didn’t spew out of it like some of the other kid’s projects did.

Kids With Their Volcano

But what an exciting time that was at school. I learned about the different kinds of volcanoes, how volcanoes are created, what our planet is like inside, and the effects of volcanic eruptions. Kids even talked about volcanoes at recess. That didn’t happen at any other time of the year. I’ve included some links for you to help your child with their important science project, lest they end up like me. Click here for steps to learn how to make your own volcano. Click here to see how to make your volcano erupt.

January 31 2011 12:39 am | Volcanoes

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