Earthquake Poem

A close relative, YaVaughnie Wilkins, knowing my love and respect for the power of Mother Nature, bid on and won a very special bottle of wine for me at a charity auction.  The California wine is called Earthquake.  She knew I would love it by the name alone.  However, when I visited the vineyard’s website I learned that “The original Earthquake Zin comes from an old Lodi vineyard planted around the time of San Francisco’s great Earthquake in 1906. The vineyard owners thought it fitting to relate the wine name with the historical quake.”

Not only that, but the bottle itself has a poem that pays homage to earth (land and soil) and earthquakes.  I’ve posted the mesmerizing poem below.  Oh, and the wine is yummy, too.


Old Lodi wines, yielding supreme

Like ancient volcanoes releasing their steam.

Danger is present, felt but unseen

Vines of such power, such high self-esteem.

Intentionally hostile, purposefully bold

Nice not an option when truth must be told.

Energy captured, awaiting release

Zinfandel Vines, the great seismic beasts.

Instilling such fear, a risk few will take

Nothing prepares you for the Zinfandel Quake.

Kevin Phillips–

February 29 2012 01:12 pm | Earthquakes

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