Do you live in a Danger Zone?

Everyone knows California is earthquake country.  But if you think living outside of California means you’re safe from experiencing an earthquake, think again. The U.S. Geological Survey provides earthquake hazard maps that reveal the true picture of danger zones in the United States. The bright red color indicates a high probability level of ground shaking.

Are you surprised to see that vivid red covering much of South Carolina? That’s due to offshore faults that could potentially shake up the Palmetto State. What about Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas?  This New Madrid Seismic Zone is of major concern to geologists due to the possibility of several large earthquakes in a region of the country not prepared for such events.

While I expected Washington and Oregon to join California on the red zone map, Wyoming and Utah are a surprise to me.  The USGS updates their maps periodically to include new faults discovered, ground-motion model studies, and updated fault geometry.

April 28 2010 06:56 pm | Earthquakes

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