Deadliest Twister in U.S. Since 1947

by Victoria M. Johnson

On May 22, 2011 an EF-5 tornado slammed into Joplin, Missouri, demolishing everything in its path. An EF-5 is the strongest rating possible. The twister is responsible for 139 fatalities and 100 people remain unaccounted for. The twister that destroyed a third of the city of nearly 50,000 residents also injured more than 900 people.

Joplin, Missouri Tornado aftermath

According to the New York Times, the Joplin tornado was part of a weather system in which cold and warm fronts crashed together throughout the middle of the country, creating conditions that spawned “supercell” thunderstorms. Even though the supercell is the rarest of storm types, it is the most dangerous because of the extreme weather generated.

The Weather Channel forecasts widespread and severe thunderstorms throughout the Memorial Day holiday in the Plains and Upper Midwest. So far tornados in May 2011 have killed 10 in Oklahoma (May 24), 2 people in Kansas (May 24), 6 people in Arkansas (May 24).

May 30 2011 01:29 pm | Tornado

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